Motivation Monday: Fail Better

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Mistakes are a part of life and we all make them. Based on our approach to these truths, nearly everyone can be classified into one of three categories:

(1) There are those who fear making mistakes. These people do not attempt to set big goals and visions. They settle for mediocrity.

(2) There are those who attempt to set big goals, but when they experience a setback (or make a mistake) they give up in order to avoid the uncomfortable feelings associated with making mistakes.

(3) Others set big goals and face challenges and failure with wisdom and perseverance, because they know the uncomfortable feelings that accompany mistakes and challenges pale in comparison to the feeling of achievement they will experience later.

Not surprisingly, those in the third group are more likely to reach their goals, because of their attitude toward failure. For them, mistakes and moments of failure are simply springboards for success, steps on the road to finding a solution and growing as a human. Instead of fearing the inevitable, or feeling shame and guilt when the inevitable occurs, they simply extract the lesson from the mistake and move forward with this new knowledge.

The next time you make a mistake or failed to meet a goal you set, use these questions to learn and grow, rather than ruminate over the failure and resort to setting smaller goals in the future.

(1) Where did I come up short?

(2) Where did I come in strong?

(3) What decisions did I make that yielded good results?

(4) What decisions did I make that ended up being wrong?

(5) If I had to approach this situation again, how would I do it differently and why?

(6) What excuses am I making? How am I trying to rationalize this mistake? Who else am I blaming for my mistake? How can I take responsibility?

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