Motivation Monday: Get Focused

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To be successful, you must be focused. Focus is taking all your energy and power and concentrating it on your goal. Focus is not allowing your energy and power to be pulled here and there by the distractions of modern life. How focused are you?

To do an assessment of your focus level, track what you do for a few days. Apps can help you with this self-assessment. For example, Break- Free gives you a phone “addiction” rating based on how many times you check your phone and how much time you spend on apps (e.g., Facebook). The average adult checks his/her phone 110 times a day. That’s every 13 minutes. When you have idle time, this number sky rockets – you are likely to check your phone once every 6 seconds.

What else is hi-jacking your focus? Are you unintentionally spending hours watching YouTube videos? Are you reading the same news over and over or mindlessly watching TV? Maybe you find yourself scrolling through website after website without actually reading anything or reading the same e-mails again and again without just responding and moving on. By simply attending to what you are attending to, you may find that you are spending a lot of time doing things that are not serving you.

A tell-tale sign that your attention is unconsciously being focused on the wrong things is when you start to blame external events/circumstances for not producing the results you want/need (“I get all the problem customers” or “I’m just not lucky” or “He is just a better salesman than me.”). When you focus on things outside of your control, this may be because your attention essentially is out of control.

Focus on what you can control and influence. Focus on the daily things that will produce the results you want, in spite of whatever else is going on around you. Take control of your attention to take control of your life.

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