Motivation Monday: Smile More

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Quite simply: We should all smile more. And here’s why:

Smiling when you don’t feel like smiling can actually improve your mood. Research indicates that your mood actually aligns with the emotion that your face is communicating. So, if you are feeling angry, frustrated, or sad, these emotions can be lessened by simply putting a smile on. Even if the smile feels fake and forced at first, it will begin to feel less so as your mood naturally improves.

Smiling makes you more charming. Others around you will find you more approachable, trustworthy, and friendly if you smile frequently, and in the workplace, this translates to real gains in customer satisfaction. Other findings suggest that when a worker is displaying a smile in a busy setting, that person is rated as more competent and leaves a better impression on those viewing him/her.

Smiling makes you more attractive. Do you find people who scowl all the time attractive? Probably not. We are hardwired to be attracted to those with positive energy.

Smiling makes your voice sound cheerier and more engaged. Smiling makes other people feel better, even if they can’t see you. Smiling has the ability to actually make your voice sound cheerier, and the difference can be heard over the phone, making the person on the other end more likely to enjoy their conversation with you.

Smiling makes other people smile. It’s true – smiling is contagious. Mirror neurons in our brain become activated when we see someone engaging in an action – it’s a form of “inner imitation” of others and one way we learn from others. When we see another person smile, our mirror neurons fire and this causes a series of neural reactions that evoke the feelings within us that we associate with smiling (e.g., happiness).

Smiling is a free way to do good. When you smile, you are literally making yourself and others happier.  Why wouldn’t you smile more?

This week, smile at the people you encounter in hallways, aisles, and sidewalks. Smile at a child, your waiter or waitress, the cashier at the grocery store, your partner, your friends, your neighbors, and any other person you cross paths with throughout the day.

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