Motivation Monday: Spread Kindness

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Our success and happiness in life depends largely upon our relationships with everyone from our immediate family and friends to our co-workers and customers. Thus, when your relationships improve, you can expect all facets of your life to experience improvement as well. However, it’s hard to change how other people treat you – in fact, it’s nearly impossible. But, you can change how you approach relationships. And if you improve, your relationships improve.

Shaunti Feldhahn, author of The Kindness Challenge, provides a 30-day framework on how to improve upon your relationships. She encourages you to choose ONE person (only one person, to start). This person can be your spouse, significant other, child, mother-in-law, a co-worker, or a friend. Importantly it should be someone you want to have a better relationship (even if it is someone you already have a good relationship with). Then, for 30 days, you adopt the following three behaviors:

  1. Each day, say nothing negative about that person to them, or about them to someone else.
  2. Each day, find one thing that you can sincerely compliment or affirm about that person and then tell them and someone else. Think about what they are doing that you like instead of what they are doing that is driving you crazy. The more you look for the good, the more good you will find.
  3. Each day, do a small action of kindness or generosity. Call and talk to them for 15 minutes. Write a note. Make them dinner. Do something that shows you appreciate them.

There are no drawbacks to being more kind to those in our lives. How would improving your relationships improve your life, both at home and at work?

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