Motivation Monday: The Power of Positivity

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Your attitude is your biggest asset … or liability. Cheerfulness is contagious, but a negative mood is like body odor or bad breath – it’s offensive. Choose wisely.

You and only you have the power to decide to tackle each day with a positive attitude and zero complaining. Even if you are not feeling enthusiastic or positive, just the process of ACTING like you do can actually make you feel enthusiastic. Add a little life to everything you do. Act energetic. Walk with a spring in your step, sit on the edge of your seat, and smile. (When you smile, you are not only releasing feel good chemicals in your brain, but also in the brain of the person receiving your smile!). When someone asks you how your day is going, instead of responding with “fine” or “good,” respond using a three syllable word or phrase, such as “wonderful” or “fantastic” or, in the spirit of one of our former salesmen, George Chance, “Suspiciously well!” Instead of complaining about what others are doing wrong, start pointing out what they are doing right, what you like about them, and/or give them some words of encouragement.

Though having authentic emotional reactions to difficult life circumstances is important for your emotional health, you will find that if your baseline attitude is more positive, coping with situations that elicit real emotion will be easier.

Think of the most positive, enchanting person you know. This week, as you go about your work and personal life, act like you imagine they would act. See for yourself the difference this can make.

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