How to Fix That (Maddening) Noisy Downspout

Is there anything more annoying than a noisy downspout? After too many nights kept awake by the dripping water, you’d probably rather listen to nails on a chalkboard. Fortunately, there are some rather quick fixes to this maddening issue. Read on.

Simply adjust the downspout angle. You may just need to move the bottom of the downspout further away from the house. This allows the water to hit the side of the downspout and then quietly trickle down, as opposed to falling noisily to the bottom elbow. Try this first.

Wrap the downspout. Wrapping foam insulators around the downspout can dampen the sound by reducing surface vibrations. If adjusting the angle doesn’t work, this is the next best bet. Other methods of quieting it (listed below) may increase the chances of clogging your downspout later on.

Glue a kitchen sponge to the bottom of the downspout. Most often, the noise that is driving you up a wall is coming from the water dripping on the bottom of the downspout elbow. Gluing a kitchen sponge to the bottom of the downspout creates a quieter landing base for the water. Alternatively, you could cut a piece of shingle or artificial turf to fit at the bottom of the downspout and eliminate the need to glue something to the metal.

Buy products made for this very issue. Lots of homeowners are kept awake at night because of a noisy downspout, so it is no surprise that some crafty individuals have created products to fix this very issue. You can find foam downspout inserts at your local hardware store that are pushed into the downspout opening and clipped on.

Use rope. Instead of putting something at the bottom of the downspout, you can also caulk nylon rope to the top downspout opening and run it through to the bottom. Then, water will move quietly down the rope.



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