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What You Can Expect


protecting your investment.

Your roof is the most significant investment you make in your home, and it should be treated as such. They need to be in top condition to protect us from the elements, but they also improve the value of our home and boost curb appeal. So whether you are needing to replace an aging roof or just want to upgrade your home to sell, we’ve got you covered.


a team of experts.

You will get a professional, licensed team of residential roofing experts. The full scope of our work will be laid out for you after a thorough inspection and estimate are put together. We use some of the highest-quality products in the industry to assure you will be set with a solid roof for years to come.


a better roof than a before.

As your roof ages, it loses a lot of its integrity and ability to insulate and protect your home against leaks adequately. Repairs can buy time, and maintenance can help it reach its expected lifespan, but eventually, a complete roof replacement is required. And Apple Roofing is here to help restore your home to the shape it was in the day you bought it.

full roof replacement
signs of an aging roof with curled shingles

Signs You Need Your Roof Replaced

Certain roofing materials last longer than others, and over time you may notice discoloration, some higher energy bills, and overall wear and tear that makes your roof look and feel old. Knowing when it’s time to replace the whole thing relies on a few factors: Has it suffered irreparable damage? Has it surpassed its lifespan? 

The sooner you get your roof replaced, the sooner you can benefit from your new roof or the faster you can get your newly valued home on the market. Knowing the signs you need it repaired or replaced is critical, and we can come to inspect it to confirm your suspicions and get to work. 

  1. Your roof is sagging.
  2. You see ponding water every time it rains despite clear gutters.
  3. It’s past its intended lifespan. (Asphalt shingle roofs should be replaced every 15-20 years)
  4. It’s growing mold, fungi, or algae.
  5. Widespread signs of curled and cracked shingles.
  6. Your warranty is almost expired.
  7. You see multiple signs of water leaks inside your home—a.k.a. water stains on the interior walls and ceilings of the upper floor.


Start your project with confidence.

A new roof can be a big investment. Whoever you decide to work with, it’s important that your roofing company meets several key standards.

insured icon


Limit your liability with a company that is insured, so you’re protected in case of property damage or employee injury.

licensed icon


Make sure your roofing company is certified in your state. Check out our locations page to see the 26 states where we’re licensed.

guaranteed icon


Most warranties only cover faulty products. Our 10-year workmanship warranty also ensures you get top-quality craftsmanship.

Getting Your Roof Replaced the Apple Way

If you require a roof replacement, your first move should be to contact us to schedule an inspection to get a free estimate. We will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your roof and attic, top to bottom. We will develop an estimate for you based on materials and labor, then detail the full scope of our work to get your roof replaced. We will then schedule a start time and deadline that works for you to come to implement your roof replacement.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and using the highest-quality shingles in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible roofing services and outstanding customer service to match. We promise that we will be in and out of your home in no time and leave you with a roof that exceeds your expectations.




roof replacement by apple roofing
family home

Our Process

01. Discuss Your Needs.

Every homeowner qualifies for a free inspection. We’ll examine your roof and recommend the best options for your home.

02. Create a custom plan.

We’ll create a plan based on the route you decide to go. Then our team will follow up to coordinate a schedule.

03. Repair or replace your roof.

Next, it’s time to build your roof. Our crew is dedicated to making sure you and your neighbors are safe throughout the process.

04. Inspect Our Work.

Our team will inspect your roof using our thorough checklist and making sure every detail has been attended to with care.

05. Enjoy Peace of Mind.

Feel confident that your roof is in great shape. We guarantee satisfaction with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

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