Welcome to Our Apple Tree!

Established in 2011 by two small-town Nebraskans, Apple Roofing has quickly grown into a roofing mega-power. With four offices servicing 13 states, Apple Roofing is the largest residential roofing company in Nebraska and quickly on its way to becoming the largest in the nation. Apple Roofing’s future is bright… and that’s because we aren’t very good at being just average. Our mission is to ensure that our customers are safe, protected, and at ease for years to come, because they know the Apple Way is quality, professional, and here-to-stay.


  • Dustan Biegler
    Dustan Biegler CEO
  • Marcus Kuhlmann
    Marcus Kuhlmann COO
  • Alyssa Lundahl
    Alyssa Lundahl Office Manager
  • Chip Pokorny
    Chip Pokorny Financial Manager
  • Matt Manary
    Matt Manary Director of Property Management Accounts
  • Kenny Blair
    Kenny Blair Director of New Construction Accounts
  • Jesse Otto
    Jesse Otto Production Manager
  • Brian Kinkade
    Brian Kinkade General Manager
  • Chris Engel
    Chris Engel Commercial Property Manager
  • Chris Stephenson
    Chris Stephenson Production Coordinator
  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Sales Manager
  • Tim Beckenhauer
    Tim Beckenhauer Sales Manager
  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones Service Technician
  • Aaron McCloud
    Aaron McCloud Omaha New Construction Account Manager
  • Dustin Green
    Dustin Green Lincoln New Construction Account Manager
  • Helena Ferraz
    Helena Ferraz Administrative Intern
  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson Service Technician
  • Cory Eastin
    Cory Eastin Property Management Account Manager
  • Matt Wolff
    Matt Wolff Property Management Account Manager


  • Derek Holt
    Derek Holt Omaha Estimator
  • Joe Tickle
    Joe Tickle Lincoln Estimator
  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson Lincoln Estimator
  • TJ Gulizia
    TJ Gulizia Omaha Estimator
  • Chris Duffek
    Chris Duffek Omaha Estimator
  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee Omaha Estimator
  • Doug Fredrick
    Doug Fredrick Omaha Estimator
  • Dustin Jakub
    Dustin Jakub Lincoln Estimator
  • Mehdi Parsa
    Mehdi Parsa Lincoln Estimator
  • Devan Connealy
    Devan Connealy Lincoln Estimator
  • Paul Sucha
    Paul Sucha Kearney Estimator
  • Danny Graves
    Danny Graves Kearney Estimator
  • Dan Sleicher
    Dan Sleicher Kearney Estimator
  • Shane Vollmer
    Shane Vollmer Omaha Estimator
  • John Paul St. Hilaire
    John Paul St. Hilaire Lincoln Estimator
  • Curt Hagerman
    Curt Hagerman Lincoln Estimator
  • Russell Gibson
    Russell Gibson Lincoln Estimator
  • Bobby Bevins
    Bobby Bevins Lincoln Estimator
  • John Biegler
    John Biegler Lincoln Estimator
  • Mike Biegler
    Mike Biegler Lincoln Estimator
  • Zach Fletcher
    Zach Fletcher Omaha Estimator

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