Motivation Monday: Goal Setting 101

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Defining your goals and writing them down gets you half-way to reaching them, but how many of us actually do it? Though this is the oldest trick in the book, we seem to overlook it. Write your goals down and display them. The front of your fridge always works, but so does your desktop background, or a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or your car’s dashboard. Here are a few more tips adapted from Michael Hyatt’s This if Your Life podcast (The Top 10 Mistakes Derailing Your Goals) to get you closer to where you want to be:

1.Make sure you know WHY you have chosen the goal. The goal should map on to your values, otherwise, your motivation will quickly dissipate.

2. Track your progress. The app HabitBull is great for this, and it’s free!

3. Set goals that make you a little uncomfortable and feel a little doubt about whether you will actually reach them (without being delusional). Instead of setting incremental goals, which just make you work harder at what you are already doing, set uncomfortable goals that encourage you to change what you are doing altogether (and sometimes, become innovative and actually work less!).

4. Spread your goals out across life domains (work, relationships, health). If you suffer in one area, you will suffer in other areas.

5. Set a deadline. Give each goal you set a 10-week deadline, at which point you can take stock of the progress you have made and revamp your goals, if necessary.

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